Craft Beer from Lehe Pruulikoda

Heaven Hell HH BBA

Heaven Hell HH BBA

Amerikan Barley Wine BBA

Dark brown coloured beer, thick beige head leaves nice lacing on glass. First nose is powerful, warm, bready. After few minutes strong, sweet vanilla from bourbon barrels kicks in. First taste is sweet and bready with hints of vanilla. Oaky, slightly roasty notes in middle taste. Aftertaste is citrussy, herbal, bitter, hoppy. Warming alcoholy taste in finish, but it’s smooth and complex.

Heaven Hell is relatively light bodied and dangerously easily drinkable brew for style. We recommend stocking up several bottles, becouse we believe, there is huge cellaring potential. Try some Heaven Hell in two, three or five years.

Heaven Hell pairs perfectly with nice date cheesekace to finish Your dinner. Serving Recommedation – Open Your bottle on 6C degrees and pour it to wine glass or Teku beer glass. On colder temperatures it surprises with sweet vanilla taste and with good drinkability. After some warming up herbal, hoppy and alcoholy tastes come in.

Just facts

ABV: 14% OG: 30P FG: 5,8 IBU: 80 EBC: 45