We are dreamers. Beer has been with mankind for thousands of years. During this time, millions of brewmasters have brewed billions of beers in different times, different places, and for different reasons. We search this world for unique, exciting and flavourful beers, fresh and modern, we can brew for your enjoyment. The spark for a new beer can be hidden anywhere. It can be a sentence accidentally overheard in a busy street; a sniff of Asian cuisine. It can be a desire to try out a new malt, yeast strain or hop breed. It can be an idea that has matured in our head for many years, waiting only for our abilities to catch up. The timeless elements around us are our inspiration – the nature around us, the changing of the seasons, the evening wind on a lonely beach, a meadow filled with sunshine, an evening spent with friends around the campfire and mysterious stories from times long gone.

Brew kettles

We are perfectionists. We care about every small detail in the brewing. We started with a very simple brewhouse, to be sure we could control and improve on every step in the brewing process. To date, we have made over 100 improvements to our brewing system. They range from the very simple redirection of hot wort to avoid pickup of oxygen to the intricate, purpose-built small tank that enables us to use unique dry hopping. We do all this to ensure that the beers we brew will be exactly the way we want them to be – fresh, delicious and carrying various nuances of aroma and flavor.

Improving brew kettles


We are innovators. We don’t think that brewing methods are cast in stone. While we have great respect for tradition, we do not accept any truth without challenging it first. Not all of traditions stand the test of time equally well. There may be newer and better answers to old questions. We have filled our shelves with books, and we brew hundreds of pilot brews to test our new flavors and gather knowledge.

Thinking about brewing