Juuliku sünd

2021-03-07 / Written by: Tanel / 3 min. read

Juuliku sünd

The right things are happening fast. This is exactly what happened with Juulik beer, although the beer got its name only later. How did this idea start then and what has been the process of making beer?

You know yourself that the time between Christmas and New Year is from a commercial perspective “dead” time. Everyone is on holiday and digesting the blood sausages and other heavy Christmas foods. We also took this time to digest a bit and make a bit of longer-term plans. During the discussions about who our customer is and what he expects from us - we came to the conclusion that our consumers love rock music. Reflecting from there, we started to look for rock music events of the following years in Estonia. Terminator 35 immediately caught our eye, not in the long run, but already here and now - in three months - their birthday concert should take place on April 22nd.

We didn’t really hope that things could develop so fast, but since the idea seemed good, we made a call to Jaagup already on the same day (maybe it was 28.12.2021?). It turned out that Termikas had long wanted to make their own beer, and so we agreed the first meeting at the beginning of the year.

In the first week of January, Jaagup, Rene and Taavi came to the brewery. We talked about what kind of beer they preferred and our brewer Mati made a beer recipe taking into account their wishes. This beer is made from high-quality Belgian malt and fresh Czech Saaz hops. To make the beer even more special than the mainstream “green bottle” pilsner, we also added the great German hops Hüll Mel on and Mandarina Bavaria. They balance urbanity and provide a pleasant mecca. Of course the band members were there themselves to help us to brew! Since our common wish was definitely to get Termika beer ready for the birthday concert and to sell it widely in retail chains by that time, we started with the sales immediately. The interest of the retail chains was very high, we had to move quickly and come up with a name for the beer. The members of Terminaator brainstormed and came up with several different versions, from the names of the songs to the harsher ones, which is not suitable for pilsner, but in the end we remained with the name of Juulik. For those who don’t know yet, Juulik is the Terminator’s logo or the name of a fool, not July snow (name of the song) as some have thought here☺

The design of the beer label is from the pen of the Terminator designer and in our opinion it is a really cool beer design.

We bottled the first Juulik batch on February 15, about 49 days after the first idea was born. Considering that normally it takes approx. 2-3 months to develop new beer, Juulik project had a very smooth and natural start, one thing led to another and so we have reached today. Some projects just go smoothly. From the beginning.

Congratulations to Termikas, the Lehe team!