Craft Beer from Lehe Pruulikoda

The Jaunty Rottweiler BA

The Jaunty Rottweiler BA

Barrel Aged Rye Doppelbock

Just like cheap horror movies have ruined the Rottweiler’s reputation, have cheap and strong lagers ruined the name of double bock. But just as every dog-person knows, the Rottweiler is a big-hearted and loyal companion, every beer enthusiast knows that double bock beer has a dignified history.

This strong, malty and sweetish beer was the „liquid bread“ that got the monks in the old days to survive the Lent happily. Carried by the theme of bread, this beer is rich in rye malt.

Rum barrel aged version.

Just facts

ABV: 7.0% OG: 18.0P FG: 5.5P IBU: 23 EBC: 44