Craft Beer from Lehe Pruulikoda

Red and Black

Red and Black

Raspberry Porter

Bright red temptation, dark desires, and a dash of sane mind controlling it all.

The bitter temptation of dark chocolate is mixed with the passion of the bright red raspberry.

Experience: The light brown head is filling the glass, and thick foam will stay as warm carpet covering deep black nectar in the glass. The aroma will start strong as chocolate malt but after hesitation gives way to raspberries and dewberries.

The sip is silky and carries on the promise from the aroma - yes, it’s raspberries all over the place. But it’s not your grandma’s sweet raspberry jam, oh no. There is a full-scale war going on between roasted malts and raspberries. As soon as it feels like berries are making an advance, roasty and chocolatey will counterattack. In the midst of all this confusion, some sour notes will use the opportunity, and it’s not even clear are they from the roasty or berry front.

In the end, hops will arrive with armored medevac vehicle, load all that’s left, and drive south. From the high hill, you can see them slowly driving away on the long winding roads.

Just facts

ABV: 7.0% OG: 19.4P FG: 7.0P IBU: 70 EBC: 77