Craft Beer from Lehe Pruulikoda

Lehe Hele Laager

Lehe Hele Laager


First nose is grainy, with light caramelly aromas. Dried fruits and nuts in background.

Taste is crisp and malty. Sweeter caramelly taste is nicely balanced with mild hoppy bitterness. Dry mouthfeel in aftertaste.

Our Hele Laager is classical German style lager beer, which suits perfectly for drinking at the summer festivals, in sauna or with different food. Try Hele Laager with burgers, pizza or with roasted pork and You will not be disappointed.

Recommended serving information – for thirst quenching drink it on 4-6C degrees, with meals let it warm up just a little bit.

Just facts

ABV: 4.7% OG: 12.7P FG: 3.2P IBU: 21 EBC: 6