Craft Beer from Lehe Pruulikoda

Lehe Autumn

Lehe Autumn


Autumn. It is still dark when you go for a walk with the dogs. You can see your breath, and the ice, covering the puddles, shatters like a breaking glass under your steps. The sun peeks cautiously with its first rays and the dogs investigate, nose between frosty blades of grass, the nighttime activities of a fox. The oak clings stubbornly to its brown leaves, but the Jays have already hidden the acorns. The weather is already cold. The cold starts.

Lehe’s Autumn is a classic smoked beer, which is brewed with malt, smoked here in Estonia, and is intended for all those, who love our colorful autumn filled with the smell of campfire, to enjoy.

Just facts

ABV: 5.5% OG: 14.5P FG: 3.9P IBU: 15 EBC: 20