Craft Beer from Lehe Pruulikoda

Black IPA

Black IPA

Balck IPA

A black beer with a finger-thick pale well-permanent head.

First Aroma - Yes, it’s an IPA! Piney and citrussy. Coffee and chocolate notes in the background.

The first taste is a bittersweet blend of roasted coffee, a drop of chocolate syrup and tropical ripe citrus. In the mid-palate, more resinous notes of hops come to the fore. The final taste is a combination of cocoa and citrus peels.

This citrusy juicy, but at the same time toasty and resinous bitter black IPA is a great companion for dark autumn evenings. Suitable for enjoying with Christmas roast and ice cream.

Just facts

ABV: 6,5% OG: 17 FG: 3,7 IBU: 60 EBC: 55