Craft Beer from Lehe Pruulikoda

Beret is Always in Vogue

Beret is Always in Vogue

Bière de Garde

Bière de Garde is a beer style that is similar to the beret. Every beer aficionado has heard about it, but it’s not widely available.

It does not compete with jeans or leather jacket either. This strong-minded beer needs time to mature and time to enjoy. It opens itself slowly for eye who has the patience to spot timeless elegance.

„Beret is Always in Vogue“ is our interpretation of this classic French beer style. The hint of novelty is given using Barbe Rouge hops.

Experience: The glass is filled with the thick white foam and bright golden beer.

In the aroma, there are spicy phenols from the yeast, but they are quickly tamed by red berries from Barbe Rouge hops. They decide to call it a draw and settle on the couch with the bowl of toffee and barbaris candy.

Flavor starts with the ripe and sweet berries but starts to veer off towards sour and sweet malts. Fortunately, hops will intervene, and balance is restored - what malt sourness with berry sweetness is playing in your tongue with slightly grassy and unique bitterness.

Oh, and you can try Rorschach test on lacing left on the glass.

Just facts

ABV: 7.0% OG: 17.5P FG: 5.0P IBU: 40 EBC: 12