Craft Beer from Lehe Pruulikoda

Beira, Queen of Winter

Beira, Queen of Winter

Barrel Aged Wee Very Heavy

This beer got its name from the Scotish legends. Beira is Queen of Winter and guardian of the life force.

Ice distilled and barrel aged wee heavy is reborn as a drink that can survive even the hardest winter.

Experience: Beige head is thin and disappears quickly. Dark brown, almost black viscous beer fills the glass with the aroma of bourbon barrel and something sweet that is hard to describe - toffee, molasses, prunes, crisp crust of rye bread. There is also warning of exceptional strength of this beer in the aroma. So slow down and enjoy responsibly.

At the beginning of the sip, all the dark sugars will caress your palate with restrained sweetness before bourbon barrel and ethanol are adding their spices.

In the aftertaste, exceptional strength overpowers everything and melds sweet toffee and oaky-vanilla barrel into the long rollercoaster run that seems to last forever.

Just facts

ABV: 15% OG: N/A FG: N/A IBU: N/A EBC: N/A