Touchy Toucan

2014-09-09 / Written by: Tarmo / 1 min. read

Touchy Toucan

Touchy Toucan was born out of a collision between two ideas.

The first idea was that dry stout is an unfairly underrated style of beer in the world of craft beers. Sometimes, it is given a wide berth in order to lose no time getting one’s hands on big and potent stouts. Actually, dry stout is an excellent opportunity to go on an adventure in a roastier world without it entailing a large quantity of alcohol or a potent body.

The other idea came from rye. At one point in early 2013, James enquired via Facebook what a beer might be like if it is as Estonian as possible. Needless to say, the discussion eventually touched on rye, and James proposed rye stout. Rye stout! Now there was an interesting idea. Dry rye stout! It called for action.

And so, Touchy Toucan evolved from a regular dry stout into a dry rye stout, which we thought worthy of inclusion on our master list of beers.

Image by JD Lasica.